Presale, for 1 BNB you receive 25 000 000 ONLIMAKE

A donation from btc - wbtc - eth - ltc -bnb - wbnb can take you directly to the team - donate here

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Turn your investment into a growth mechanism in your real life. Each Onlimakers will be part of a real opening in the world..

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Onlimake is not just a social network idea. Onlimake is a registered and legally constituted trademark, it is a good opportunity to invest with us..

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Compatible, with some wallets that use the BSC protocol, from BNB. Coming soon our own wallet and asset exchange. You are a developer, get in touch with us, if you want to help..

Our roadmap

Verify the information of our project, the same that we will carry out together once we reach our economic objective.

Roadmap Here